Our Services

At our full-service shop, we will be happy to visit with you about your vehicle. Come on in or call. Tommy is the manager and will be happy to help you figure out and fix your vehicle in a professional and timely manner.

If something is seriously wrong with your vehicle, we can help arrange for a tow.


We work on all aspects of brakes, hoses, pads, shoes, calipers, and more!


We can diagnose those annoying electrical problems that can randomly occur with your vehicle. From your battery, alternator, starter, to headlights, we can diagnose and fix them problem.


Check engine light on? This can mean almost anything, from a major problem down to a problems with your tire pressure indicator. Let us check out your engine and transmission to quickly and effectively repair your vehicle so you can get back on your way!

Heating & A/C

If your heater of air conditioner feels like it’s just not keeping up in our West Texas weather, it is probably time to bring it in for a quick diagnosis. We can repair and replace any of these systems.

Interior Controls

We can fix those worn out or broken electric window mechanisms and doors locks.


Going on a road trip? Stop by and let us check over your vehicle with our road check.

Pre-Purchase Inspections: Looking at getting a pre-owned vehicle? We offer inspections of pre-owned vehicles. We’ll give you the full report!

We perform Texas State Inspections

Miscellaneous Services

Not sure what is wrong with your vehicle, or if you don’t see something listed on our site, chances are, we still can fix it as we are a full-service shop! Radiators, water pumps, and cv shafts are just a few of the other services we can provide for your vehicle.


At Jim Phillips Automotive we can perform a thorough tune-up of your vehicle. Whether it has hit that 100,000 mile mark or if it is just that time, we can work on everything form spark plugs to belts.

Undercar Repair

We diagnose and repair struts, shocks, driveline, differentials and more.